10:00BegrüssungChristian Doppler
10:05Segelfluggruppe DittingenBeat Jermann
10:10Vorstellung des OKChristian Doppler
10:15OrganisatorischesChristian Doppler
10:25Stadtpräsident LaufenAlexander Imhof
10:35Das Grosse M – part 1Martin Balzer
10:45Verband – Allgemein (Überraschungsreferat)Mark Inäbnit
11:35Verband – Ehrungen
13:30Das Grosse M – part 2Das Grosse M
13:40Explorative GlidingSebastian Kawa
15:00Nurflügler – Segelflugzeuge der Zukunft?Dominic Pöppe
15:30Von der Welle in den Jetstream – Mein Weg ins Airline-CockpitSandra Meisser
16:00Skysight presentationAude Untersee
16:30SchlusswortChristian Doppler

Sebastian Kawa – Explorative gliding

Exploring remote areas for gliding such as the Himalayas, Caucasus, East Carpatians and Tian Shan mountains

We are proud to announce a very special guest and pilot at this year’s swiss gliding conference in Laufen.

For all who have not been living on the dark side of the moon, the name Sebastian Kawa should ring a bell. He won the world championship 13 times and is currently the holding world champion in the 15m class and european champion in the 18m class.

Flying Wing – Glider of the future?

Advantages and disadvantages on the example of the AK-X

Another interesting lecture is the project of Akaflieg Karlsruhe. The objective of this project is as follows:
The aim of the project is to investigate the flight mechanics of the flying wings and to derive a design from this, which not only aims at good flight performance, but also has such good-natured and simple flight characteristics that even less experienced pilots can fly without problems. In addition, the design of the prototype should also take care to create a practical design. Here, for example, attention is paid to a robust construction of the landing gear, so that it also survives rough landings.

From the wave into the Jetstream

My journey into the airline-cockpit

Sandra Meisser, daughter of PIROL developer Claudio Meisser, began her glider training at SG Skylark in Buttwil in 2003. In 2008 she moved to SGKA in Hausen am Albis. Until 2016 Sandra was an active glider pilot with participation in several championships and further training in aerobatics. In 2012 she started the PPL training in Hausen, 2014-2016 followed the training as a scheduled pilot. Her profession was based on studying climate sciences in Bern and working as a meteorologist at Meteotest. Sandra joined Helvetic Airways as a copilot in January 2017, first on Fokker 100 and since 2019 on the Embraer 190.


Presenting features of SkySight

SkySight is an interactive weather forecasting tool that combines latest weather modelling technologies with an intuitive user interface, to provide high resolution forecasts and powerful flight planning tools. The presentation will give you an overview of all SkySight features, the latest forecasting improvements and the new possibilities for pilots to integrate weather forecast into navigation systems and flight calculators.